Really Listening.

As a mother & a wife, I can honestly say that sometimes I’m not really listening. I’m listening to answer, which is not the same thing… Not even close! This makes me extremely sad when I think about it. How can I work on it? I’m not quite sure yet but I know I want to. This came about after reading a piece about a parent who didn’t listen to what everyone was telling her to do but instead saw her child, problem solved with another like minded person, and REALLY listened to her. “How amazing!” I thought.. It’s so inspiring to see mother’s who just know things and it’s not really because they just know but instead because when they don’t know they reach out and find someone who might be able to listen a little better than they could. Maybe, I could really start listening if I stopped ignoring my husband’s criticisms about being on my phone too much… Maybe, the distraction is what is keeping me from clearly hearing the things my daughter needs (we’ve been hitting a rough patch lately.) I truly believe that I could be the mom that really listens, the mom who knows things not just because she knows but because she observed and got to REALLY see and hear her children. Thankfully there are mother’s out there like Gillian’s who can put things into perspective and teach us something… If you take anything away from this rambling, it should be this..

Someone else might have put her on medication and told her to calm down.  But Gillian wasn’t a problem child.  She didn’t need to go away to a special school. She just needed to be who she really was.

All she needed was for someone to listen and see her.


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