Toddlerhood & Breastfeeding

My SIL and I were discussing our breastfeeding woes yesterday and how hard it has been as of late. It was both sad and amazing that we could both understand what each other is going through (the deep need to wean our toddlers ((14 months for my nephew & 26 months for Aubrey)) but said toddlers not being ready.) I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding currently and it makes me pretty sad because I never had any problems with breastfeeding. It came so easy and natural for me and I’ve always loved it but recently, my toddler (Aubrey), will nurse ALL NIGHT LONG. She nurses more than my 3 month old (Oliver) throughout the night and it’s like she’s trying to kill me! I desperately need sleep & I just cannot sleep with her constantly latched. Especially when she falls asleep and then she gets a lazy latch and ends up biting me.. IT IS NOT OKAY. I would love to night wean her and continue to give her “milkies” during the day but I’m just not sure how to start. We talked though and we both decided we’re going to read “the no-cry sleep solution” since we’re both against CIO and want to do this in a healthy and gentle way. Hopefully this book provides some wisdom and guidance because.. I really miss sleeping. I feel like a lot of moms go through these things but we never want to talk about our problems openly which is both frustrating and sad. Moms are constantly afraid of being judged and criticized which I totally understand and is why being able to confess my recent hatred of breastfeeding with my SIL felt so good because I know she loves me unconditionally and since we’re both going through the same thing, we were able to just talk without fear of judgement and really help ourselves feel better and reassure ourselves that we are doing the best we can… Any moms out that who have any helpful advice, tips, books, etc… Please let me know!!


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