Outside time.

A friend and I were talking about how apparently a lot of people don’t think that kids play outside anymore how sad that is. It’s sad that people assume parents don’t make outside play a priority and it’s also sad that some kids aren’t getting outside enough! We are outside everyday! Whether it be while I’m doing my 2 hours of walking everyday, to check the mail real quick, to walk the dog, or to play for a half hour or hour! Aubrey loves to collect leaves, play in her Little Tikes car, and push her babies in their stroller! We run around and chase each other, play with chalk, and Aubrey obsesses over butterflies; there are so many things to do outside and so many things to learn about! Even Ollie is happy to just hang out in a bean bag chair (while I type this blog post out!) We LOVE playing outside and I make sure to make it a priority because it is so necessary! If we don’t get outside because of weather or whatever, it makes our day SO stressful and sad because running and playing outside helps keep us balanced! It puts all of us in a good mood (of course, because exercising lets out endorphins and endorphins make you happy!) I wonder why people assume outside time is no longer important to parents? Is it because they believe children are all video game/TV addicts now? We personally don’t allow any kind of screen time until age 4 but I know lots of other parents allow some screen time… Does that affect the amount of time they would spend outside?  Any who, I am curious to see what other parents think about this. Do any moms or dads get this? Do you guys play outside everyday, few times a week, etc?


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