Transitioning from bed-sharing to a “big girl” bed.

Today I went ahead and moved my 26 month old’s full sized mattress into her room (We had a king sized and a full in our bedroom; both on the floor for safety reasons). Since we’ve been having a hard time with nightly nursing sessions (her wanting to nurse all night is killing me), I decided maybe if I gave her a space that is her own she would be able to sleep more peacefully. Neither of us are sleeping if she is up every other hour to nurse! She seems pretty excited to have a “big girl” bed in her room instead of a crib mattress which I moved into Ollie’s room. She put all her blankets on it and all her babies and even asked if I would snuggle her and nurse her in there for nap time today! She nursed and was out like a light! Hopefully this will be the beginning of great and magical things; one of those things being SLEEP. She was also telling me that she likes when it’s just her and I for nap time which I thought was both really sweet and really sad. I try to make time for her and I but I have to say it hasn’t been my biggest priority. I’m glad I was able to get Ollie down for a nap a little earlier so that I could set aside some time for her, maybe I should try this for bedtime too…


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