Meal Plan!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.27.45 PM

We eat a lot of produce but as you guys can see.. I have a thing for ice cream & cookie dough, haha! All vegan though :). On Sundays I’ve decided I would allow myself to have my more processed vegan favorite which right now is Gardein turkey cutlets and gravy with baked potato.. YUM. My daughter has been in a pasta mood we’ve been having that for dinner since we definitely get our fruits and veggies in during the day. I’ve been making homemade “fries” or potato wedges more like and she has been in love with those as well! How do you guys plan your menus? Do you include snacks or just kind of pick up snacks as you’re shopping? Do you throw in new things to try or do you prefer things you know you like? I’ve never tried the alfredo or ice creams but I’m excited to try them out!

Mac & Cheese

Stuffed Shells I changed this up a little. I didn’t use tofu so i used 2 cups cashews. I used 1 cup water & i subbed the vinegar with 4 tbsps lemon juice. I used spinach instead of kale & salted to taste!

Cookie dough

The Alfredo and ice cream recipes I’ll post later since I didn’t get them from an online source 🙂


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