A clingy toddler & not enough sleep…

Today, we got up and went to Toddler story time at the library. Aubrey enjoyed it but she was SO clingy. I try to get her to be involve without making her feel like she can’t also be with me but sometimes I’m like (in my own brain, of course) WHYYY DON’T YOU WANT TO GO DANCE?!? haha! She is in this very clingy, whiny stage and I’m not sure if it’s a development thing or just an Aubrey thing but it’s rough for me. I want her to be independent and enjoy herself but I feel like she holds back a lot. Her father is very laid back and doesn’t like to “get involved.” He doesn’t do the best in social situations and it’s really hard for me sometimes to get it because I’m like “IM A BUTTERFLY!” and am constantly seeking social interaction.. Anyways, she had fun but she seemed unsure which I guess is normal since it was our first time. Im hoping she will warm up and start enjoying it more over the next few weeks.

We came home after that and I tried to get everyone to nap (it didn’t happen.) So, then we had lunch and cleaned up… Read some stories and played pretend kitchen where she makes me eat a million bowls of beans.. Then my mom came over and we went to our community pool so Aubrey could run free and play in the water, which was great since our A/C is still not fixed and is probably going to cost us an arm and a leg (estimation $5400.00.) Yep.. FUN! Adulthood can be so lame sometimes, haha. Thankfully we will get it taken care of and even though it’s a dent in our finances, I am thankful we have the funds to get it taken care of (even if it does cause a little bit of debt, the means are there and that is something to be thankful for.) Although, not having A/C for a few days/week is NOT fun in this Florida heat!

I try to look on the bright side though. Positivity makes a big difference in life and so might as well give it a shot! So, what do you guys think about the clingy toddler stage? Is it a stage? Did your toddler go through it? Is it just me? (please lie to me, haha)


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