True Love & Peace.

Feeling your words trace
my skin helps me sleep at night.
Your fingertips flipping through the
pages of my soul help me
love you day after day,
but you staying after seeing me
in the light after a rough night
makes me love me.


With the noose tied and the laughter subsided

tears ran down my face as I had the worst case of

fear. For the first time I couldn’t see your face

and I knew that the time I would finally end it

was near. Not because of you or your abuse

but because I no longer knew how to be anyone…

Especially myself. You had won your game.

I was ruined and my heart was empty.

I could not find any paths that could

bring me back to myself. I screamed,

“please! believe in yourself!” but

I just couldn’t do it. My pride had slipped

away because I know that any other day

I would have said, “No! You will not win!”

I just… Don’t… Care… So, I say “au revoir”

and I grant myself so much more than my pride

could give me… Peace.


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