Busy, busy, busy

We have been running around like crazy lately. Between friends, baby activities (baby yoga, baby story time, toddler story time, mommy and me bowling, and now dance classes), family, and everyday stuff I feel like I’m the energizer bunny! I have been getting all our things organized, menu, budget, house work, house projects, home-schooling stuff, my calendar, my book and my schedule for when I want it finished; it has literally been total chaos here. This week I will be getting back to the swing of things! Tomorrow (only because it’s rainy and miserable here) starts day 1 of me getting my exercising done again, aubrey getting back in a groove with our homeschooling/un-schooling activities, and my house WILL be organized!

The chaos has been good though. I feel like we are finally getting into our own special groove when it comes to having two babies and dealing with them both properly in a loving and gentle parenting kind of way whereas before I was losing my mind and had no idea what to do with Aubrey. It has been a rough 4 months but I am glad we are on our way to some kind of normalcy.

I swear there will be more posts tonight from me. Poetry is coming, maybe a piece from my book, and probably another post about parenting/veganism! Have a great day everyone!! šŸ™‚


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