Time and Time Again..

Dear Aubrey,

Oh, my little love. I try… I try so hard to make sure that I don’t fuck you up & it is hard. I try not to yell, not to shame you, not to feed you the wrong foods, to make sure you get enough exercise, to make sure you get enough attention, to make sure you get enough sleep, enough unconditional love, enough knowledge, enough choices and it is exhausting. I screw up. Daily. I know that I become frustrated too easily and I know that I hurt your feelings often and for that I am sorry but also, I’m not. I know that you will forgive me and I will forgive you and we will learn from each other through this life we share. You will see me at my weakest, my meanest, and my saddest times but you will also see me at my best, at my strongest, and at my happiest times. I am raising you to be aware of reality and real feelings even when they suck. Although, I don’t always want you to see me so angry, so frustrated, so sad, or so defeated… I really think it’s good for both of us. I could definitely use some more control over my emotions but I know we will get there together. I love you, so, so much more than anything else in this world and even during this horrible day (week, month, year) I want you to know that and never ever second guess it. You are the moon to my stars, the sun to my day, the mac to my vegan cheese and every other cliché you could possibly come up with… Remember please, that I am not perfect but I try oh so hard to be for you.

Love forever & always,



2 thoughts on “Time and Time Again..

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! You are expressing everything that inspired me to start my blog. Perfection is impossible, but still that’s all we want to be for your kids. Lets be blog buddies!

    Stop by sometime


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