Drool and what to do with it…

So, my little boy is constantly drowning in drool… It’s gross! Aubrey never drooled. I mean it, never! She never wore bibs or anything; I actually sold them all shortly after she started BLW (baby-led weaning) because honestly, Id rather strip her naked and let her eat than ruin a $10 bib from carters.. Anyways, I wasn’t really sure what to do with this drooly little boy of mine since I really hated bibs.. They seem so impractical.. They’re short and thin! I might as well let him just drool and change his clothes often (like 3 times a day.. sometimes 5.) Unfortunately, this idea of mine didn’t work out because he started getting a rash on his chest (I’ve been told this can happen from being wet all the time? Im not really sure) so, I was browsing around target looking for bibs and I came across the Burpy bib from Aden & Anais.. I AM IN LOVE. It is so thick and it’s long so you can actually wipe his face with it and it’s so amazingly soft… Not only am I am love with it, so is Oliver! He cuddles it just like he does his security blanket and it really is just adorable and great.

As far as price.. Some might say they are expensive ($11 for one, $20 for one of the “better/rare patterns” like this whale one I just ordered for Ollie, or $17 or so for a two pack) but for what you are getting (quality) I will disagree. Sure, you could buy some cheap plastic bibs or whatever but these are soft, cute, long, thick, and all around just great quality. As a bib hater, these actually made me fall in love and I think that’s worth something. Plus.. They are so cute 🙂


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