Love at its finest; conditions and all.

Sacrifice; the condition of love. Yes. There are conditions. We all say “I love you unconditionally” but it’s not really true because how could I love you if you didn’t sacrifice the pleasure of having intimate affairs with other women or multiple women? How could I love you if you spent more time on your computer playing video games than with our daughter when she looks up at you and sees her “hero.” You are sacrificing. It may not be much to many but its important to me. This condition is the action that proves your love for me. Words only go so far and touch only goes so deep. Love is about creating a life that is no longer your own but is “ours.” Burying yourself into a new land of flowering treetops and blue skies that may quickly turn to rolling thunderstorm clouds because you sacrifice the pleasure of only seeking for yourself and now thinking and seeking for “us.” Love is beautiful when done correctly and silly when done wrong. Love is peaceful and chaotic combined with a few other aspects thrown in just from life. When I say “I love you” Im saying, “I chose you,” “I chose us,” “I chose our family,” “I don’t choose me.”


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