Never Only…

I would love for my words to be encased with meaning; beautiful syllables that make your heart skip a beat. I would love for my passion and fire to start a flame within your soul and underneath your skin. I would love for my troubles, sorrows, and over thought moments help your wrists stop from dripping that warm syrup… If I could place the stars in the river and give you the chance to hold one in your hand, I would. I would place my heart in your shirt pocket to let you know that I am always close…

I would wrap my arms around you and kiss the nape of your neck until your eyes rolled back in your head and dreams filled that beautiful brain… I would hold your hand when you have had nightmares and I would place your skin against mine whenever you needed it. I would tell you how enchanting you are and I would chase you across the entire planet… I… Can be everything you need.

My love would never be only skin deep… Mine would be fulfilling.


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