Calling all parents!!!

Please sign a petition for me? My friends niece has been the victim of this disgusting game! This is so scary and we need to make sure we are doing everything to keep our babies safe!

Instagram has a very dark corner of users who participate in a game they call “baby role play” (#babyrp). Role playing accounts steal photos of other peoples children and post them to their accounts, where they create fake identities and stories for these children. Other users add to the stories or plots and even repost the photos. Most of the roleplaying seems innocent, but it often can get violent and/or sexual. These accounts do not remove the children’s photos when confronted by the parents, and it’s very difficult to call Instagrams attention to these accounts to get them removed. There are nearly 30,000 photos categorized under the hashtag #babyrp. Instagram needs to be more conscious of these accounts and not allow this to go on.


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