It’s okay.

It’s hard to forget…

It’s hard to forget how you made me feel.

Easy to remember the names that you called me

and oh, how good you were at reminding me that I

was worthless. Nothing more than a woman

to be used and thrown away; no brain and nothing to say…

It’s hard to forgive you…

For defiling my body and making me hate the way it’s shaped,

the way it never tans in the sun & the way that it will never be a size 0.

Though, it’s always easy to remember how dirty and shattered I am;

[unclean, broken, unholy, a disgrace] I should be ashamed.

That is what you told me.

The look in my eyes had become dulled over for so long;

just breathing felt like too much for me to hold and

yet, here I am… Stronger than ever, maybe even… beautiful.

Still imperfect but maybe loved… Love?

You may have tried to destroy me and devastated my being

but I have risen [as more] and now that I am here…

I don’t hate you.

I don’t hate me…

I just know and feel that I am imperfect and maybe

in my own way… [That’s okay.]


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