Love; I suppose this is it.

My heart sinks into my stomach

as I realize that I am vulnerable.

This precious gift that I hold onto

with every breath, every sip of water,

every vitamin, and every heart beat I

imagine I hear… I could lose it

and already I love it. I have this

unimaginable attachment to a person

I haven’t met yet. I do not know how

the words flow from your lips yet,

I don’t even know your name yet

and yet… I love you.

I try so hard to relax – you are okay,

I tell myself. As all is in Nature’s hands

and in that I must trust but still…

I am vulnerable. As love overflows

through my skin and pours into puddles

because I am overwhelmed by the presence

of something so beautiful that at the young age of

16; starving, I never thought I would experience.


Little life form that I will forever be responsible for…

You are a mere 7 weeks old (in utero; does it count?)

and yet already I worry about you; struggling to keep calm

when I think about how easily it could be

for you to vanish beneath my skin…

Love; I suppose this is it.


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