Motherhood is hard.

Today I felt like a failure in the motherhood department. Aubrey was so tired and she was just so “mean”. I know that she wasn’t actually being mean and I know she was just tired but oh, the meltdowns… The kicking and the crying… After being calm and patient 100 times I’m just about to jump out of the window! Motherhood is hard. Toddlerhood is hard. I try so hard not to be sarcastic with her (I am an extremely sarcastic person… As well as a loud one..) I know that we will get through it together but sometimes I really think it’s going to kill the both of us but then she climbs into my arms and she tells me she loves me and how sleepy she is… I melt. No matter how hard motherhood becomes I’m ready for the challenge but I will absolutely accept any vegan ice-cream after bedtime that comes my way.


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