“But baby…I love you.”

My body is broken. As I have treated it worse
than those who suffer eternal darkness. My soul
bleeds and screams for redemption while my heart
aches to release its demons. I am a broken girl.
My father took away the love I had for myself
when I was only a child; 12 years old. I prayed
that I would find a man who would love me and
treat my body like it deserved but he cannot fix me
I lay my head down in the dirt and
cry for something that can relieve the pain that
I feel surrounding my heart. I am fearful. My body
covered in scars that I did not want to create and
would do anything to remove is felt to be worthless
within my own mind. No matter how many times he
says, “but baby…I love you. I think you’re beautiful.”
I feel lies crawling under the skin I wish I could shed
and I wish that I had something to say that would
un-break my body and make me whole again. But…
I am just a broken girl.


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