Yesterday was hard on my heart.

This toddler.. Oy. She needs so much attention and constantly has to be made busy. She can play alone for about 5 minutes and then she is wanting me. She becomes so jealous of Ollie which makes her angry with me and then the tantrums come exploding of her tiny body and honestly, I probably am looking at her like she is possessed because I am in awe of her and what I should do to make it stop (or let it happen?) The first half of the day was decent. She was happy to go visit her “GiGi and Baba” (her auntie Jamie and grandma) so that I could get some walking done, she was “meh” about the whole Walmart experience…but then she was tired on the way home and fell asleep and I knew that nap would be the death of me & it was. She was SO angry after that nap. She was clingy and just wanted to nurse and when I said no…WOAH. She was acting like I killed her dog. Finally, I had convinced her to have some vegan yogurt and cashew milk instead and she was a little bit better but then as soon as the food was gone it was tornado Aubrey back in action. I took her outside, nope. I took her upstairs to play, nope. I took her into her playroom to jump on her trampoline, nope. I was counting down the seconds until bedtime (I literally hate days like that.) Finally, after being kicked in the face and being told to die (where did she even learn that word???) I just started balling my eyes out. Once Joey was off of work, we got everyone in the car and we drove for over an hour, picking up a vegan pizza, garlic knots, and a box of oreos because oh…Finally after having to nurse her and Ollie to sleep at 10:30, I got to eat cold pizza & garlic knots, cuddle with my husband, watch SuperNatural and eat some oreos before crawling into bed at 2a.m. and freezing the majority of the night because no heat and apparently Florida decided it would be winter again or a night, day, weekend? Oh today… Please be better.


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