Sometime yesterday..

My Fitbit died and needed a charge so no Daily FitLog as of yesterday. We were fairly active though! I got up semi-early and took Aubrey and Ollie to my favorite childhood park and she played there for almost 2 hours! She had so much fun with all the other children and wanted nothing to do with me. It made me both sad and happy. I’m glad she isn’t one of those children that never leaves their mother (although there is nothing wrong with that). I guess I’m more glad that she is a independent explorer. That she is comfortable enough to leave my side and do her own thing and know that I will be right there when she needs me. When she started getting sleepy she knew just where I was to come hug my leg and rub those sleepy eyes. I’ve been trying to keep us busy with friends (I’ve made a couple these past few weeks and it is GREAT!) so that Aubrey is getting out all her energy and has less energy to be jealous/upset when I have to shift my attention from her to her brother. So far, last night was the first night of BLEH since I started getting us out almost everyday… As you can see from my planner below..
imageAubrey really seems her best when she isn’t bored so we are definitely going to keep her active and happy. I’m not sure we’ll do all these activities all the time, but it’s nice to know they are there.

Last night was rough because she didn’t want to go to sleep unless I drove her around and I am so tired of doing it. It’s frustrating and I didn’t want to give in but I can’t be kicked in the face either.  I threw an adult sized tantrum and yelled over her yelling at me while kicking me in the face and it wasn’t very nice so in the car we got (after also having a tif with the husband) and off to Starbucks. By the time I had gotten my Green Tea Frappuccino (soy, no whip) she was out and we headed home (Jamie and I.)
imageAfter that it was time to resolve the tif with husband (not very willingly, I kind of wanted to just be like HAH I’m going to bed) but we did resolve it and then I ate a VERY late dinner (11:11 to be exact.) Sigh. I was up until 2 a.m. making sure diapers got from the washer to the dryer and then finally I laid down and Ollie was up and didn’t want to do anything but smile and coo at me… I love motherhood but man, it’s exhausting. Thank goodness for late night Starbucks runs, ay? How was your day yesterday? How was your weekend? I’d love for you guys to share with me!!


2 thoughts on “Sometime yesterday..

  1. Yesterday was awesome, and exhausting. Actually I can’t remember the last day that wasn’t exhausting. But because it’s finally nice enough to go outside without outerwear, we spent most of the day outside yesterday. The running back and forth with the toddler tired me out. Not really physically but emotionally because keeping her from killing herself is stressful. So, yeah, süper tired today.

    Btw, that Frappuccino looks delicious. I didn’t know they had those but I love green tea. I’ll have to find a recipe to try at home. If you have one let me know.


    • Hey! I’m glad to hear it was decently warm there! I know up north has had a very brutal winter. Hubby is from Brooklyn, NY and we were there for the first storm and SO glad we don’t live in the snow.. Haha! I feel you on the trying to keep them from dying part! It gets easier once they’re like 2 and a half and can do a lot of things without help. It is amazing!! I don’t have a homemade recipe that I’ve ever tried but Im sure it’s not hard to find one. It’s just their classic syrup, matcha powder, ice, and soy milk (I think?)


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