I generally think my husband and I are great with co-parenting. Sometimes we have our arguments when it comes to him making me “into the bad guy” but other than that we are great. We both agree on everything, cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding, both of baby wear, we both wanted to raise her and Ollie vegan, etc. The one thing we didn’t agree on was bed-sharing but babies pretty much made that decision so it didn’t really matter. I see other people though who have to co-parent with a reluctant spouse or even grandparents who just refuse to respect the wishes of the mother and I honestly do not know how these parents deal! Co-parenting is such a huge thing that I really feel like you HAVE to agree on the majority of things or at least the big things! Things like circumcision or intact, spanking or not, veganism or not, to vaccinate or not, breastfeeding or formula, etc, etc.. These issues are too huge to really disagree on, don’t you guys think? How do you deal with a spouse who just won’t compromise or budge? How do you deal with co-parenting grandparents? How do you deal with pushy in-laws, etc, etc? I straight out ignore the majority of people. If my husband and my mom support me then everyone else can stick it where the sun don’t shine if you know what I mean… 😛


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