Hidden Angel.

She plays, tries to dream, laughs for a moment, works hard to give all she can…She gives. Everything she has she passes down to each of her little sunflowers; they’re her life, her breath, she loves to watch them grow and play and helps guide their decisions from day to day but she’s lonely. Love that she has never found, for a man who could help her carry her load, instead taken granted of, no one noticing how angelically placed she is, a hidden angel. Though her path is dark and scenic, her little sunflowers follow her through and through, look up to her face of tears and only see the smiles she gives to each of them. She gives her everything to everyone, whole heartily, not expecting anything in return and yet no one sees what it means. She waits in her sunflower field for someone to come and love her gifts as much as she does, and love her as well. Instead they don’t understand how she feels, how the guilt engulfs her, how she never feels good enough, how she wants to take care of everyone, when all she needs is someone to want to take care of her. She looks down on all of the blessings she has but she still sees the empty piece that’s missing, the one thing she’s looking for and can’t find. Though, she knows darkness and can’t believe in happy ever after anymore she wonders why can’t she? Why can’t it happen for her? She wants to believe there is a prince charming that will come by and push through her stubborn mind and rescue her. Save her from thinking she doesn’t deserve happy ever after or that she’s unworthy. Though her sunflowers smile up at her and tell her she’s beautiful and how they love her, she’s still waiting, trying to believe in fairy tales. Maybe Jaded and a little twisted, but her sunflowers stand by her side seeing nothing but perfection.

Our love for you never changes. Happy or sad, broken or whole, you’re our hidden angel guiding and protecting us each and every day. Even though we don’t always show it, we never take you for granted, loving you and thanking you for everything you’ve done for us. We love you, don’t forget it. We’ll make it through.

[To my amazing mother. I love you more than words could ever come close to expressing. This is an old piece but I wanted to share it again. This piece is definitely not perfect but it came from a time when things were not perfect.]


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