Celebrating Easter without Religion.

A lot of people have been asking me how we celebrate easter without religion or the easter bunny. Honestly, I don’t see how it’s a big deal. We just made it like every other day but we dressed up and had an easter egg hunt? I think that it’s okay for her to be apart of the festivities without lying to her about a magical bunny or bringing jesus into it… We went to an easter egg hunt that did toys instead of candy and then we went to the playground and we played with all our friends! It was great and she loved it. We also got her a big play dough set not really for easter but just because who doesn’t like random fun gifts? That was all there was to it! Not complicated at all 🙂 Do you guys celebrate easter? How do you feel about the easter bunny?


6 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter without Religion.

  1. oh I’m the same as you! Not religious, but its not fair for little ones seeing others doing it and not them! We had an egg hunt out in the backgarden that daddy had set up then a gift too! Mainly because her birthday is in October so its nice to get a wee ‘summer’ present I think! Hope you had a lovely time! =]


    • That’s awesome! I totally agree. My daughters birthday is in December and my son is a November baby so it’s absolutely nice to get a gift sometime in the spring/summer! Although I must admit I give gifts quite often.. Haha! We did! It sounds like you did as well 😊

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      • Gifts are impossible not to give! Especially whenever the kiddies have such joy and are so greatful whenever you give them a gift! I could give my little one anything and say it is a surprise and she is over the moon! Glad you had a good day! We did too! =]


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