A little update since I’ve been AFK.

Dyed my hair purple; it’s pretty great. 

Meal prep above: Smoothies, spaghetti stuff, veggies ready to steam.

Also made these amazing “larabars” for Aubrey but i rolled them into balls instead because tiny fingers and such..   

I made these amazing “meat”balls! You must try them!

My bullet journaling is going well. It really helps me stay on track and I think it’s pretty, too. 🙂

Nice coloring page I did on my iPhone using “Colorfy”


The Beginning of Bullet Journaling!

As you guys can see I have just done the set up of my journal. There will be things that I add as I go along to fit to my person needs but for right now this is the basic set up. I am using this journal and found “the way of bullet journaling” from Bullet Journal themselves. I also have a full pinterest board for bullet journaling and other creative forms of journaling here… I am so incredibly excited about this as I really just need to have more organization in my life but also more of an artistic outlet because honestly, what writer doesn’t have purse full of napkins with words, phrases, sentences, etc…all over them? I needed a place that will be my “end all be all” so that I can eventually use all of my thoughts but also so that I can be more productive! img_2370img_2369

So many projects coming up.

So, I’m going to be starting a couple new projects…

  • Bullet journaling. I’ll be sharing this journey here and I have to say I’m pretty stoked about it. I so far have just been setting it up and getting it ready to start Sept. 1st but it’s been so much fun just getting it ready!
  • Blogging. Live blogging. All day, everyday, there will be more of me.
  • No complaining!! I am start the NO complaining project where you attempt to rid your life of negativity but just denying yourself the option of complaining – I need this in my life and am excited for the challenge. SO many of my friends and family members just NEVER stop complaining and unfortunately I have fallen into the dark depths of feeling ALL the negativity and just grasping for positive things..
  • FITNESS LOGS ARE COMING BACK. I have been a HUGE slacker. I have really let myself down on this and Sept 1st is going to the the “get back to kicking ass” start day. Though, I will be doing stuff before then, this is my lock it down date.
  • I’ll also be reading You Are A BadAss because honestly…I need to. I need to push away all the self-hatred, self-doubt, self-destroying issues that I currently have with myself. I am going to find worth within myself and it’s going to be great. I’ll be sharing quotes and highlights from this book with you guys and I’m also stoked about this.

So.. yes. More writing, more reading, more POSITIVITY, more exercising, more self-love, more parenting stuff, MORE EVERYTHING :D. I’m excited and I hope you guys will be too ❤ ❤

I need some creativity in my life.

WHY?? Why does creating have to be so emotionally and physically draining when you have a family? There is just no time! There isn’t and it is something that I really NEED to do in order to make myself feel better. Even if it is five minutes of my day, I need it. So, I decided that I would start bullet journaling because it seems like I will get what I need from the creativity spectrum, doodle here, be productive there, and it’s quick and practical for my lifestyle? Maybe? So, we shall see. I’ll update everyone soon.