Florida heat, no A/C, & having two children.

Florida heat is no joke! Our A/C has not been working the past two days and I have been melting… Literally. Two children who want to nurse and it being 85 degrees in my house is anything but a great time. We haven’t been cooking, playing, or basically doing anything except leaving the house to sit in the cool car or walking around target with a nice cold drink. Today we went out and bought some new light fixtures for our school room, laundry room, and garage. I was pleased to get this done because it was driving me crazy to have a chandelier in our school room (was designed to be a dining room.) We also got some things to help me get Aubrey’s homeschooling things organized. We purchased a binder, notebook, glue, scissors, a bin and filing things so I can keep everything she does safe and organized, and a few other things. I’m very excited to get organized again. I have fallen off the wagon lately since our whole house had some nasty bug. I was super sick and then lazy, haha! Tomorrow will be the beginning of me getting re-organized and back in gear. I am taking Aubrey to her very first Toddler Yoga class and I’m pretty excited about it! Have any of you ever taken your toddlers to a yoga class? How did you like it? ­čÖé


Homeschooling & Farmer’s Markets.

Today I’m getting the kids ready because we’re going to the farmer’s market by us with my sister and our friend. I love Farmer’s markets.. Ever since I lived in NYC and got to experience the one in Union Square, I have just become obsessed with them. They are so full of amazing things (& usually they are healthy and sometimes vegan!) My husband is always sad he works weekends now because he always misses out on the Farmer’s Markets.. Mostly because he NEVER gets up early, haha! I’m hoping to find some yummy things to bring with us tomorrow to my brother’s place in Sarasota. We’re celebrating my sister’s 15th birthday together & I’m making her this chocolate vegan cake that is to die for & we’ll be making spaghetti with this vegan parmesan for lunch! Anyways, last night my husband surprised me with a┬ábeautiful┬áMacBook Pro (a 15inch at that!) and so today, will be my first day having my own computer in a long time and I am so excited to get stuff accomplished. One of these things being getting my daughter (Aubrey, 2) ready for our homeschooling journey. I want to start looking into (non-religious) homeschool groups in our area, I’m thinking this might be a little difficult because our area of Florida (I find) is pretty religious… Anyways, I guess that is my first step. I’ve also joined a homeschooling forum and am going to start looking into things for us to do as far as cute science type things, ABCs, Colors, Numbers, etc.. I know she is only 2 but I really want to get a jump start with FUN learning. I loved being homeschooled, always loved learning, researching, writing, etc so I want her to really enjoy it from the beginning to the end. If anyone has anyone has any tips or things they think I could use (resources, etc) I’d really appreciate it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!